Train station galleries and museums for the broken-hearted: Here are Europe’s hidden culture gems

As a tourist in a foreign place, it can be difficult to ignore the endless lists of ‘must-see’ sites which travel guides guilt you into visiting. That pressure to see everything properly becomes even more stressful when faced with a limited weekend stay, or just a few hours in one city.

This pressure extends to art galleries and museums, too. With so much incredible art to explore, and history to learn, it can be difficult to feel that all art and history is entirely represented in the most famous spaces. This feels particularly prevalent when entry to these spaces can be incredibly fraught, due to huge crowds and high ticket prices.

Instead of succumbing to the pressure to do it all, it’s far better to settle for doing something new, and out of the ordinary. Be it finding a hidden gem tucked away on a street corner, or venturing to a space that satisfies your niche interest in cultural phenomenon.

For the history buff: Dutch Resistance Museum, Amsterdam

The world wars are something that many budding historians will have poured over in history books and lectures alike. However, the story of the Dutch Resistance Movement in World War II is one which is often overlooked and underappreciated.

This captivating museum, situated in the Plantage neighbourhood of Amsterdam, takes you on an informative and emotional journey, uncovering the efforts of everyday Dutch resistance fighters.

In thoughtful, considered exhibitions, the Museum explores the various forms the resistance took against German occupation. From small acts of public rebellion, such as displaying postage stamps with the Queen’s face, to the artworks distributed as anti-German propaganda, the museum is a treasure trove of truly remarkable stories of resistance.

For the heartbroken: The Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb

In reflecting on our lives, and the relationships in it, it is very rare that we ever gain insight into what others truly feel, and the painful, private moments we all endure.

Enter: the Museum of Broken Relationships, in Zagreb, Croatia. Acting as both a physical and online space, the Museum seeks to relish in the pain and joy which can be found in past relationships, displacing mementos with personal, anonymous stories of heartbreak.

Rather than letting visitors wallow in self pity, the project is designed to dispel emotional collapse through creativity. Although, if it all gets a bit too much, visitors can seek out comfort food in the ‘Brokenships Bistro’, which provides a seasonally crafted menu with local, organic ingredients.

If you want to experience the Museum of Broken Relationships from home, you can take a look at their online collection, which includes some rather strange reminders from past lovers.

For the architecture nerd: the Louis Vuitton Foundation, Paris

Designed by the legendary Frank Gehry, the Louis Vuitton Foundation should be on every architecture nerd’s bucket list of buildings.

In creating the Foundation, Gehry was determined to create a space which pushed the boundaries of what architecture could be. Inspired by the lightness of 19th century French glass architecture, and the clouds over the Jardin d’Acclimatation in Paris, the Foundation is a daring homage to Gehry’s vision.

Using 3,600 panels of curved glass, as well as 19,000 panels of reinforced concrete, the structure provides the perfect balance of light and form for the exhibitions it houses, creating a visually stunning experience throughout the Foundation.

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