Are private swimming pool rentals the new business venture to emerge from the coronavirus pandemic?

Private pool rental is a new business venture that seems to have taken off amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Pool owners are hiring out their spots per person to bring in a bit of extra cash this summer.

Anaïs Ferrández, the communications director for French pool-rental app Swimmy, recalled a party in Madrid hiring a swimming pool for 35 people at €15 per person – raking in more than €500.

She noted that business has since been booming, with eight times more demand.

“We arrived in Spain last year and there were very few pools,” she said. “This year we have had twenty times more rentals and the general demand has multiplied by four.”

In fact, the need to take a dip has grown so high that in Madrid the platform ran out of available swimming pools to rent in the second week of June. But little-by-little, the company said an increase in supply has allowed for more pools to be shared during the summer months.

Madrid, Seville and Valencia have too much demand, which Ferrández said initially came as a surprise, but now is believed to be in part due to limits on beaches.

“In this case, you are in a house and you have privacy that you don’t have in a municipal swimming pool,” she added.

Pool rental prices have skyrocketed

“Last year, the average price was around €12 or €13 per person per day, and this year the average is around €18 and €20 euros per person,” said Ferrández.

She said that the main reason for this is that municipal swimming pools currently have a 30 per cent capacity limit and fewer hours for use due to COVID-19 restrictions.

“Many community pools have not opened and many owners have put their pool up for rent because they have gone to their second residence,” she added.

A way to get ahead for homeowners

Doris Arce owns one of the pools advertised on the Swimmy platform in Madrid.

She worked in advertising until the pandemic paralysed her business. Now she handles the maintenance of her swimming pool.

“My pool has added value because it works with solar panels. The water temperature stays at 22 degrees and is at its point at any time,” Arce told Euronews.

Charge €15 per person, and if you can get 10 people, you can earn about €150 per day without deducting the application fee.

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