Norwegian government facing collapse after party quits coalition over ‘ISIS member’ repatriation

Norway’s government has lost its majority after the right-wing Progress Party announced it was quitting the coalition over the repatriation of a suspected member of the Islamic State.

Siv Jensen, the country’s finance minister and leader of the exiting party, said on Monday there had been “too many compromises” as she explained the reasons for resigning.

She added: “I brought us into government, and I’m now bringing the party out. I am doing this because it’s the only right thing to do.”

According to Norwegian broadcaster NRK, the populist party leader said she also had “no desire to change the prime minister.”

“We believe Solberg is the right person to lead the country, including in the time to come,” she said.

Prime Minister Erna Solberg has in response said she will continue to lead the now-minority government, and is now tasked with filling six vacant roles.

It comes following a recent decision to repatriate a Norwegian woman, who is suspected of being linked to the militant Islamic State group, from Syria.

The decision, which was strongly refuted by the Progress Party, was made to allow for one of the woman’s children to receive medical treatment.

Repatriation of suspected Islamic State members and their families has long been a contentious issue across Europe, with governments debating their responsibility for those who left to join the group.

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