‘An important step in the right direction’: Vienna-Brussels sleeper completes inaugural journey

The Vienna-Brussels sleeper train has completed its inaugural journey to mark what is touted as a development toward more climate-friendly travel.

Leaving Vienna Central Station with a host of high-profile figures aboard on Sunday evening, the Nightjet reached the European capital mid-morning on Monday.

It is not only the first overnight rail link to serve between the two cities, but it is also the first overnight train journey in Belgium since 2003.

This apparent throwback to an older and slower form of travel is now being encouraged as a more sustainable way to move across the continent.

According to Greenpeace, the same 1,000 km journey via air would generate 410kg of CO2 per passenger, whereas the Nightjet generates just 40kg.

“The Nightjet is an important step in the right direction,” said Martin Selmayr, a representative of the European Commission in Austria, who was aboard the train.

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