More than 100 discarded needles found in Newport in one day

More than 100 discarded needles were found in Newport in one day.

Volunteers collected a total of around 150 needles from two different areas in the city on Saturday 11.

They also collected a number of metal spoons, wipes and packaging.

The needles were found during a routine litter pick organised by community group Pride in Pill after they were alerted to the issue by a nearby pub owner.


70 needles were found in a lane next to the Carpenters Arms near High Street whilst another 80 were discovered near the former Sainsbury’s site in Shaftesbury.

Paul Murphy has run the voluntary group Pride in Pill since 2014. They regularly organise litter picking events and help the homeless in Newport.

The 48-year-old, who works full time as a cleaner, said he and other volunteers have been trained to dispose of sharps safely and the group regularly pick up replacement equipment from a local needle exchange.

In total it was about 150 sharps in that couple of hours. In the last two weeks I have picked up four lots of sharps during litter picks.

What if the kids go playing up there? That’s why we say to people to let us know and we will come and do it straight away.

If kids picked it up they could get hurt. It’s dangerous.– PAUL MURPHY

The group plan to make trips over the coming days after they received reports of other areas where the problem persists.

Keep Wales Tidy recommend reporting any drug-related litter to your local authority instead of attempting to pick it up yourself.

If you find drug-related litter in a public space, please do not put yourself or anybody else at risk. It should not be picked up or collected; the community policing team or local authority should be informed so they can deal with it.


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