France to come to a standstill on Thursday as 90% of trains and 20% of flights cancelled in strike

An enormous strike scheduled in France tomorrow is set to bring the country to a near standstill with cancellations of up to 90% of train journeys and 20% of flights.

France’s rail operator SNCF has confirmed the cancellations to train journeys, which will also be felt heavily in Paris, where only 10% of RER (Regional Express Network) and other suburban services are set to go ahead.

The city’s metro lines will also only see five out of 16 lines in service.

Meanwhile, the French Civil Aviation Authority has confirmed a fifth of flights will be cancelled throughout the country on Thursday.

State carrier Air France has said 30% of its domestic flights and 15% of its medium-haul flights would be affected.

And the strike is not just going to affect the transport sector.

Of the almost one million teachers working in primary and secondary education, around 70% are expected to join the action, and the Snuipp-FSU union has predicted around 40% of school closures.

Employees in other trades, such as police officers, lawyers, rubbish collectors, are expected to participate, too.

It comes response to President Emmanuel Macron’s proposed pension reforms which have proven controversial across France.

One of the changes includes revoking the dozens of different pension schemes in place of a universal system, which would mean specific trades are not taken into account.

Others include reforms over when the pension calculations begin, or those that would encourage people to work later in life.

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