Dog left to die on top of mountain with ‘nasty tumour’

A dog with a cancerous growth on his face was found dumped at the top of a mountain, and has since been put down.

RSPCA are now appealing to find the person who is responsible.

The dog was found by an off-duty police officer who came across her in an isolated spot on top of Glyn Ceirog valley.

He took the lurcher-cross to a nearby veterinary centre on the Welsh border in Oswestry.

As she was examined, staff discovered the tumour on the side of her face which had spread into the upper jaw bone.

The tumour was so severe, the vet decided the kindest thing was to end her suffering and put the dog to sleep.

Dave Martin, clinical director at the vets said it was a “nasty tumour.”

The tumour meant the dog struggled to eat

The dog must have been suffering like this for weeks if not months.She was emaciated but because the tumour had grown into the jaw she would have struggled to eat. It was so bad it was pushing her eye up. She also had fur loss.


Mr Martin described her as a sweet natured dog despite the pain she was in.

It is horrific that someone could just dump her in this state to leave her to suffer alone.


The dog was not microchipped.

RSPCA Inspector Kate Parker is now investigating to trace the previous owner and is appealing for information.

It is despicable to think that someone left this dog suffering with such a horrific wound and did not seek urgent treatment for her.Then to intentionally dump her somewhere so remote knowing she would probably suffer a lingering death and be alone in her hour of need is beyond belief. It is such a callous act.


She said the dog was “obviously frightened and hungry” and must have been in a lot of pain with the tumour.

Anyone with information about the incident should contact the RSPCA appeals line on 0300 123 8018.

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