Stepping into a boxing ring helped ‘turn my life around’

Sport is often credited with helping people through difficult times, and for Gemma Price that sport was boxing.

Gemma set up her own boxing class so that she could share the benefits she had experienced with others.

Today ‘Boxing Pretty’ in Llanrumney in Cardiff has more than 30 women training every week, putting the gym in line for a National Lottery award.

Gemma Price at Llanrumney Phoenix Boxing Club

Gemma said putting gloves on was the release she needed.

I was going through a really bad time, so I was given keys to the gym and they said go and put some gloves on and release everything you are feeling.


While training, she said she “cried, laughed, screamed and shouted.”

“Everything I was feeling for 10 years had literally left,” she added.

Gemma realised there was a lot of women who were feeling very similar and who needed “a safe space to release everything.”

Llanrumney Phoenix Boxing Club

The female boxing class is described as a “safe space” for women to come and train.

It’s a really welcoming environment. Women can bring their children as well so childcare isn’t a barrier to training.


Over the years Boxing Pretty has grown. It started with one class and six women and now they have five classes running throughout the week.

It gives them a sense of community a sense of belonging. I’ve seen women’s body shapes change and their confidence change. They are now there own little community. They’ve got friendships outside of the gym. They go for coffee they go for dinners outside of the gym.


The club also offer classes for the homeless and patients with dementia.

Llanrumney Phoenix Boxing Club

The club has also worked closely with South Wales Police to help reduce anti-social behaviour and knife crime – and also hosts a summer club for children during the holidays.

We want it to be a community hub as well.

It is an open door policy they can walk in anytime they want. No one is turned away. If we can help you we will.


Gemma price at Llanrumney boxing gym

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