Four-year-old nearly stood on drug needle left near Swansea’s Blackpill lido

A child nearly stood on a drug needle on a beach close by to Swansea’s popular Blackpill lido.

This is the latest of a string of incidents in or near the hugely popular children’s attraction.

Needle found on beach near Blackpill lido

Back in June, the lido was forced to close and had to be drained of water after a number of glass bottles were smashed and dumped in and around it.

Then earlier this month cooking oil was poured into the lido, forcing it to shut again.

Vicky Skivington had taken two of her three children for a walk along the popular seafront destination, close to the lido.

Blackpill lido in Swansea

But as they walked, Vicky spotted the drug paraphernalia.

She said her four-year-old nearly stood on it.

Ms Skivington reported the incident to two councillors, who were at the lido at the time.

It shouldn’t have been on the beach. The kids play in the pool near there. It’s disgusting.I grabbed the baby away before she stood on it.


She said she was concerned about the hazards of needles being so close to where young children play.

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