Fragments of Norwegian Boeing 787 fall near Fiumicino airport due to ‘technical failure’

Fragments of a Norwegian airlines Boeing 787 damaged cars and roofs in the vicinity of Rome’s Fiumicino airport when they fell off from the plane after its takeoff on Saturday.

A spokeswoman from Italy’s civil protection agency confirmed the incident to Euronews, adding that most of the pieces fell around the area of Isola Sacra in the city of Fiumicino not far from the airport.

“The fragments caused damages to cars, houses, roofs, and other objects in people’s gardens.” But there were no injuries or casualties reported.

She added that civil protection officers went to the scene upon the request of local police to assess the damage.

A spokeswoman for Norwegian airlines told Euronews that a flight from Rome to Los Angeles had to go back to Fiumicino airport “due to indications of a technical failure of one of the engines”. She added that the aircraft landed safely.

Esterino Montino, Fiumincino’s mayor, also confirmed the incident in a Facebook post, noting that his administration had already raised the danger of having planes take off so close to people’s homes.

Italy’s flight safety agency (ENAC) is investigating the incident according to Italian media reports.

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