Welsh schools to get an additional inset day for the next three years to help plan new curriculum

Schools in Wales are to get an additional inset day for the next three years in order to help teachers plan the new curriculum, the Welsh Government has announced.

The Education Minister said the extra day will take place annually during the summer term to be used “in support of the introduction and delivery of the new curriculum.”

The extra day will last until 2022.

Kirsty Williams AM, said she has been “mindful of the impact on parents” but the extra time is needed. She also announced that schools should use one of their original inset days to also prepare for the new curriculum – to be taken at a time to suit the school.

Kirsty Williams

Unions welcomed the extra day but said it will only go “some way” towards helping teachers make the “necessary changes in their school”.

Ms Williams said the one inset day is not “sufficient in itself” for people working in education to understand the new curriculum, but will help teachers plan lessons better.

This decision represents another way in which we are supporting teachers, by giving them the time to do what they do best: planning and teaching the best possible lessons for their pupils.


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