Plan to pay farmers to improve the environment

The Welsh Government has unveiled a plan for farming subsidies after Brexit.

Farmers would be encouraged to improve and protect the environment. They would be rewarded for improving air quality, reducing carbon emissions and improving soil quality, not rewarded by the market.

A consultation is underway.

The way we support farmers post Brexit is changing and Brexit provides an opportunity for us to design a made in Wales scheme.

There has never been a question about whether we continue to support farmers – the question is how best to do it.

Sustainable food production, responding to the climate emergency and reversing the decline of biodiversity are just three of today’s most significant challenges. We believe future farm support should reflect this and reward farmers who take action to meet these challenges.

We want to have sustainable farms producing both food and wider benefits to improve the well-being of farmers, rural communities and all the people of Wales today and in the future.

However we can not do this alone and need to work with farmers directly to ensure our proposals work on the ground. I would encourage anyone with an interest in ensuring farming has a sustainable future post-Brexit to get involved and share their views.”


Welsh farmers’ contribution to the economic, environmental, social and cultural well-being of Wales is unparalleled. I am pleased that, in contrast to last year’s proposals, this consultation appears to better recognise the integral role farmers play in thriving rural communities and the economy of Wales.

I welcome the commitment made by both the First Minister and Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs, to work in collaboration with the industry through a process of co-design. I look forward to having the opportunity to discuss with them in more detail at the Royal Welsh Show how we can work in genuine partnership on designing future policy.


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