Couple who have fostered more than 1000 children urge others to become foster parents

Wendy and Steve Taylor first became foster parents in 1984.

Since then, they have fostered more than a thousand children – and say they love what they do.

“It is a wonderful thing, taking these children in”, said Wendy.

“You have no idea what’s going to happen, and I think that’s something that we enjoy”.

The couple were awarded MBEs in 2015 for their work as foster parents

Over the years, many of the young people who Wendy and Steve have fostered have been youth offenders. The couple have helped and supported them to rehabilitate.

In 2015, the couple received MBEs for their work in helping young people.

Now as they approach retirement, they say it’s vital that new foster parents come forward to continue their work.

“We desperately need foster carers, we really do”, said Wendy.

According to the charity Fostering Network, 550 new foster families are needed in Wales over the next year in order to meet demand.

The charity says a shortage of foster families could result in some children living a long way from their family, school and friends, being split up from siblings, or matched with a foster carer who might not have the relevant skills and experience to meet their needs.

“Foster carers do something amazing on behalf of our society, making a real difference to a child’s life”, said Colin Turner of the Fostering Network Wales.

“On any given day in Wales there are around 4,700 children and young people living with foster families.

“We are calling on people who think they have the right skills and experience to change a fostered child’s future, to find out more about fostering”.

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