Jeremy Corbyn tells Welsh Labour Conference his party has been ‘consistently trying to find a way through the deadlock’

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has told delegates at the Welsh Labour Conference that only his party “has been consistently trying to find a way through the deadlock”.

With Brexit high on the agenda, Mr Corbyn told the conference:

“We cannot remain stuck in this loop for another six months. I urge the Prime Minister not to see this extension as another chance to flog her dead deal”.

Jeremy Corbyn

First Minister Mark Drakeford told the conference in Llandudno that “the Tories have damaged the UK’s reputation in the world.”

Brexit, again, prominent in the Welsh Labour leader’s speech.

The risks to Wales from leaving the EU have always been greater than elsewhere, and these risks are compounded by the damage which a decade of austerity has inflicted on our public services and on the fabric of our communities.


In the 2016 referendum, Wales voted to leave the EU by 52.5% to 47.5%.

Welsh Labour’s Annual Conference is being held between 12-14 April in Llandudno.

Newly elected Newport West MP Ruth Jones opened the conference. She retained the seat for Labour in a by-election earlier this month.

Jeremy Corbyn and Ruth Jones

Our Political Editor Adrian Masters is sharing updates from the conference across the weekend. After the first full day at conference on Saturday, he concluded:

“Welsh Labour, like Labour at a UK level has changed and is changing and not everyone is comfortable with that”.

Elsewhere Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price AM has called on the First Minister to ensure Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t do a deal with Theresa May to deliver Brexit.

Over the past few weeks, Jeremy Corbyn has flirted with the Prime Minister’s awful Brexit deal. Whether Labour red, Tory blue or a mixture of the two, Brexit will result in the loss of jobs, rights and opportunities in Wales. Mark Drakeford’s duty should be to the people of Wales, not to Jeremy Corbyn. He must now step up to the mark and ensure his party sticks to its commitments on a People’s Vote – or risk becoming the midwives of Brexit. If they deliver Brexit with the Tories, the people and the communities of Wales will never forgive them.


Responding to the First Minister’s speech at the Labour Conference, Plaid Cymru said the party were “losing support across Wales”. A spokesperson added the speech had “no new vision, no new energy, and no new ideas”.

Leader of the Welsh Conservatives, Paul Davies AM, commenting on the speech said: “Successive Labour Governments have failed the people of Wales and real change will only happen under the Welsh Conservatives”.

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