Mane Street: Rebellious horses create chaos on busy Atlanta highway (VIDEOS)

Motorists experienced a new meaning of the word “horsepower” after being forced to share the road with a group of cheeky equines that broke free from their farm. Their adventure was brought to an end by their owners and police.

The 10 horses entered Highway 78 in Atlanta on Saturday, prompting confused motorists to drive slowly behind the unpredictable group. Footage posted online showed the horses galloping with confidence, despite it likely being their first time on the road.

The adventurous farm animals took advantage of an open gate at Little Creek Horse Farm, employee Brad Williams told CBS 46. “Fortunately nobody got hurt. They all had a good gallop up the road…”

One video posted to Twitter showed two police cars corralling the horses on the side of the road.

Little Creek Horse Farm thanked local police and patient motorists on Facebook, assuring that “steps will immediately be taken to assure this doesn’t happen again.”

Atlanta is no stranger to surprise visitors on its roadways. In September, a tiger was spotted on I-75 in the city, before eventually being shot and killed by officers in a nearby neighborhood. The tiger, a former circus performer, made its great escape during a water break while traveling from Florida to Tennessee.

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